Daily Schedule and work load

The lectures will take place on the ten weekdays of each program during two time slots, 9am-1pm and 1:30pm-5:30pm. The professor of each course will provide a short break during those times. The morning lectures will start right after breakfast and the afternoon classes will end before dinner.

Some professors may decide to determine the grade by the end of the program based on tests and assignments they give out. Others may decide to determine part of the grade by the time the program is over with the remainder being determined based either on an online test given a few weeks after the end of the program or through the assignment of essays. Each professor will provide specific details to his/her own students. Regardless of the grading system, a fair amount of study has to take place during the program. But there will also be free time to participate in some activities that have been planned by the organizers and in others that the students can pursue on their own.