Where in the world our students come from?

In the two years since the initiation of Unbound Prometheus we received students (along with an intern) from all over the world, including Argentina, Belarus, China, Greece, North Macedonia, Norway, Palestine, Spain, Switzerland, the United States and Vietnam. 


All photos taken by Unbound Prometheus participants

comments by past students

Course Evaluations

Extremely energetic [professor], has a lot of knowledge on different subjects, EXCELLENT researcher.

A lot of useful material with many covered aspects, very enthusiastic and down-to-earth instructor approach.

[The professor was] very good at mediating and directing class discussions.

I think that [the program] was brilliant. I wouldn't improve something.

It's a great program and I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to experience this! 

Please comment on the location of the program

Great location! The fact that there aren't many American tourists here makes it a great place to see and experience the real culture- not tourism.

Beautiful place. Love it. Could easily live here.

I think it is perfect. It's a calmer place so it creates a good environment for learning.

The hotel is amazing and not that far from the port/old town. I was pleased with the location and the services provided.

What were your favorite non-academic aspects of the program?

I have met great friends from all over the world.

The full day boat trip and going into town.

Swimming and sightseeing.

The group bonded very quickly and we were given freedom to live here on our own.

The shopping in town, the beach and pool at the hotel, the bars, making new friends …

Getting to know guys from other cultures and backgrounds.

Good breakfasts, boat trip.