The primary demographic for our seminars has been advanced undergraduate students or those attending graduate school. However, we have also drawn registrations in the past from three other groups:

First, gifted high school juniors and seniors who will be applying to college. Attending a program such as ours adds to the strength of the application.

Note: Those students (college or high school) who take the seminar for credit and achieve a grade of A or A- will be entitled to a reference letter from their professor.

Second, adults who wish to take advantage of everything a vacation in Greece has to offer, seek intellectual stimulation but also use the program as a springboard to visit other locations in Greece.

Finally, junior faculty members who lack expertise on a specific subject and may wish to attend a seminar in order to enhance their research agenda and teaching expertise.

Please bear in mind that we offer a discounted price for room and board as well as the excursions to those who escort one of our students but do not wish to register for a seminar themselves (please see the registration page).



We offer two or three seminars on the same academic subject in the form of bundles (with the exception of the Master Seminar in Program I) and we schedule them in the same program because we encourage attendees to register in more than one seminar (see Registration page for offered discounts).

Our seminars are of short duration and hence we do not offer them for credits. Those who register will only have to attend the daily lectures without being involved in any further work during their stay. Those interested in expanding their knowledge on the respective subject can pursue further study upon the completion of the seminars based on reading guidelines provided by our faculty.

However, if an undergraduate student wishes to earn credits, he or she should visit the summer programs office of their school, provide them with information on the teaching hours and the extra work he/she is willing to generate (after prior arrangements with the seminar’s professor) in order to earn credits. Contact between prospective students and the professor of the respective course will be mediated through us. The staff of such offices can pre-approve the number of credits that can be awarded. Since this process takes some time, the approach should be initiated well before our registration deadline. Upon the completion of the workload by the student and the assignment of a grade by the professor, we will forward this information to the respective office of the student’s institution.

Universities that have awarded credits from our past programs include (partial list): University of Maryland, the University of South Carolina, Penn State, San Diego State, and Warsaw University.

In order for us to facilitate the entire process, please contact us at:


Each of our seminars has a minimum registration requirement which is determined on a case-by-case basis. In the event this requirement is not met, it will be up to our discretion to retain the seminar in question. If we choose to cancel it, the registered students will have the option to choose another seminar in the same or different bundle.


The registration deadline for both programs has been extended until the hotel we use becomes fully booked. We strongly advise interested parties to register as soon as possible.


The lectures are scheduled on the weekdays of each program. They last for 2 1/2 hours with the professor having the discretion to provide a short break. An exact schedule will be provided to students upon the completion of the registration period.