Getting To Kavala

The Unbound Prometheus program takes place in the town of Kavala, a medium size town (for Greek standards) with a population of c. 70,000 located on the north coast of Greece (see map below). The local airport receives several flights during Sundays. The most likely connecting flight will be from Athens through Aegean/Olympic airlines; there are two per day during the summer. But there are several other direct flights to Kavala, regular or charter, from other European cities. Those interested in booking a flight may wish to utilize a search site such as

Please try to book your flights as early as possible.  If flights to Kavala are unavailable, the alternative would be to try to book a flight to the nearest airport of Thessaloniki, the second largest town in Greece, situated 100 miles from Kavala (see map below). Flights to Thessaloniki arrive from several European cities (as well as Istanbul) which may tempt someone to spend in them a few days prior to arrival in Greece. Thessaloniki is also worth spending a couple of days if you want to arrive earlier. But if you plan to get to Kavala from Thessaloniki the same day it will be time-consuming. Thessaloniki‚Äôs airport is located at the outskirts of the city. You will have to take a taxi or a municipal bus to get you to a bus station located in the exact opposite side of the city in order to catch a ride to Kavala. The bus ride Thessaloniki-Kavala takes about 2-3 hours depending on whether it's a regular or express service. If you have any questions please contact us when you are about to make your travel plans.

A map of Greece showing Athens in the south, and in the north the towns of Thessaloniki (left) and Kavala (right).

Map with a marker for the Lucy Hotel on the left, and the Kavala Airport on the right.


We will be staying at the 5-star Lucy hotel which has its own pool and private beach. There is a well-stocked super-market steps away from the hotel. One of the local buses to the town center has a stop nearby, the ride being 5-10 minutes.