There is a plethora of cafes and restaurants most of which tend to concentrate around the port area. It is highly recommended to visit the roof gardens of one of three hotels in the center of Kavala for spectacular views of the town: Oceanis, Galaxy, and Nefeli. One, also highly recommended, café with nice views of the city is Briki located in the old section of the town. The café doesn’t have its own website but you can find it on Facebook or by asking locals for directions. Greeks tend to be very friendly with tourists and if you ask someone of a younger age it is very likely they speak English. If ice-cream is what you crave Dodoni, located on the waterfront, is your best bet.

If interested in shopping, the main commercial thoroughfare is Omonoias street as well as the small streets to the south of it (towards the waterfront).

There is a local Sailing Club whose members rent their sailing boats. One fun excursion would be to take a boat ride along Kavala’s coastline passing by little coastal villages and islets. Rental costs are determined on a per boat basis. Prices may vary a bit but they are around 400 euros. Given a boat’s capacity of 10 people, the cost per person would be 40 euros. The excursion lasts for several hours. Those interested should talk to the representative of the program who can make the necessary arrangements.

Hotel Lucy has its own private beach and pool but for a more lively scene you can visit Batis, an organized beach, about 10-15 minute walk from our hotel. It has a small entrance fee (a couple of euros) but it offers several facilities as well as a restaurant and café. Batis tends to be quite popular in the summer especially with younger people. It is highly recommended to visit its café-bar Selini during or after the sunset which offers very romantic views and atmosphere.

In the summer there is a festival which takes place either in the ancient theater of Philippi, a 15-minute ride from Kavala (you will need to arrange your own transportation), or in the ruins of Kavala’s castle overlooking the city. You can get brochures of the program from the local tourist office.  Performances include theater (in Greek) but also music events.

There are a couple of interesting museums one may wish to visit: the Archeological Museum and the Tobacco Museum.

The program's price includes breakfast and dinner but if you want to get a bite in the middle of the day the restaurant options are too many to list. As a mere suggestion, there are several of them on Poulidhou street, in the vicinity of the Old Town (e.g., Tembelhanio, To Araliki). There are also three very good seafood restaurants by the waterfront that offer reasonable prices, Orea Mytilini, Zafeira (next to it), and Apiko not far from them.



Nea Iraklitsa is a little village half hour away from Kavala which may be worth a visit. Its waterfront is dotted with restaurants, cafes and beach bars (you can spend part of your time there swimming). The beach bars tend to attract large crowds during the day, the village’s waterfront during the evening.

Xanthi is an inland town about an hour away from Kavala which is worth visiting for the interesting architecture of its old Ottoman quarter and its tavernas which are famous for their tasty food. To get to Xanthi you can catch a bus from the main bus station (KTEL) in the center of Kavala. Whenever you venture beyond Kavala make sure you know what time is the last bus getting back (if you don't wish to use a taxi).

The island of Thassos is one of the most beautiful of the Aegean islands and quite distinct in that is very green. One may wish to visit it for a few extra days, in addition to our day trip, either before or after the summer program.