In the seminar of Neural Networks, the following topics will be covered:

• An introductory perspective on biological aspects of neural networks with elementary mathematics

• A short introduction to Statistical Mechanics of simple & complex systems

• The application of above two topics to the formalization of neural networks

• An inspection of modern networks able to show multitasking capabilities (i.e. parallel processing) and NP-skills

• A one-to-one mapping among the subjects focused via statistical mechanics and the corresponding electronic counterparts

All of these topics can be found in the book Theory of Neural Information Processing Systems, by A.C.C. Coolen, R. Khuen, P. Sollich. The participants of the seminar are recommended to obtain a copy of this book prior to participating. 




Adriano has a master in Theoretical Physics from Sapienza (Rome) and a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from King's College (London) and, at present, teaches as Associate Professor in Mathematical Physics in Salento University (Italy). Adriano’s coursework includes: Probability & Statistics, Neural Networks, and Complex Systems. Since his early post-doctoral stage he always worked in the statistical mechanics of complex systems, with particular care on Artificial Intelligence and Biological Complexity. In Italy he is enabled Professor of Mathematical Physics, Theoretical Physics and Experimental Physics (Biophysics). His scientific production counts more than 80 scientific articles in journals relevant to the field (Physical Review Letters, Neural Networks, Journal of Statistical Physics, etc). An extended CV, with all the details and all the produced papers, is available at his website:, Prospective participants can email him directly with questions about the seminar.