The cost of the program is $2,700.

For those interested in taking two courses (one in each program) we offer a 10% discount for a total tuition of $4,860.

For those interested to come with a person who will not be taking a course, we offer a discounted price for that person of $1,000 which includes the cost of the room, the two meals per day, and inclusion in the excursions and the festive dinner. Therefore, the cost for a person registered for a course and the escort who will not be registered for a course is a total of $3,700. Payment for the pair has to be done simultaneously.

Depending on the payment method there may be some small fees added (see Payment Methods below).

The tuition covers:

  • Attendance of the lectures and issuing of an official transcript by Democritus University with the grade of the student and the number of credits obtained; the transcript can be used for transferring the credits to the student’s home institution. Please bear in mind that US colleges usually require obtaining a grade of C or higher in order to accept credits from a different institution. Colleges in other countries may have similar requirements.
  • Stay for 13 days in the five-star Lucy hotel. Rooms are of double occupancy, some with sea views but a few with city views. We will try to accommodate all students in rooms with sea view but that will hinge on the overall registration numbers and the hotel's ability to honor the request in the midst of the tourist season. Please bear in mind that, in the case of late registrations, we may have to use triple occupancy rooms.
  • Two meals a day, breakfast and dinner, served buffet style at Lucy hotel. There are two exceptions: the day of the excursion in Thassos we will have breakfast at the hotel and barbecue on the boat (no dinner will be offered). Also, the day before our departure we will have the festive dinner in a restaurant (not at Lucy) in addition to the breakfast at the hotel.
  • Free transportation regarding the bus rides for the planned activities as well as the ferry ride and the boat in Thassos.
  • Logistical support provided by the Academic Director and the staff of the program. .
  • Access to the Academic Director of the program as well as the faculty who can provide informal advise for academic applications, particularly useful to high school students. Students who achieve a grade of A or A- will also be entitled to ask for a letter of recommendation which can be used, among others, for college or transfer applications.

The tuition does not cover:

  • Airfare to and from Kavala. Given the limited number of flights to Kavala it is strongly recommended to register and book flights as early as possible.
  • The cost of the reading materials that will be assigned by the instructors. Some instructors may choose to assign an electronic version of a book which is cheaper. Instructors will contact their own students well before the start of the program to provide further details.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Transportation to and from the airport as well as the cost of leisure activities other than the excursions organized by the program. 



The Unbound Prometheus summer program is priced very competitively compared to other European summer programs which rarely offer faculty of the same caliber and virtually never offer the quality of accommodations and leisure activities provided by us.

Students who attend US universities should consider the cost of our courses vs. the cost of taking a summer course in their own institution. The cost of the Unbound Prometheus courses is roughly 60% compared to tuition cost in a top US university. Not to mention that, unlike US universities, we have no extra fees such as registration fees. Even when the airfare is added our program is still cheaper. In the end, the decision boils down to taking a summer course in your own institution vs. spending less money and take it in an idyllic location, staying in a five-star hotel, have most of your meals covered, and engage in some fun activities in a different cultural environment. 

special tuition arrangements for citizens and residents of greece

In recognition of the severe impact of the economic crisis which plagues Greek households for nearly a decade, Unbound Prometheus has decided to offer special tuition arrangements for Greek citizens who reside permanently in Greece. Those who are interested in taking our courses can write to us for details at:


Prospective participants should fill the registration form when they are ready to proceed with the payment since it is the latter that makes the registration formal.

                                        PAYMENT METHODS



1) You can send us a message in our email address ( requesting to provide you with a physical address to which you can send a check for $2,700. Please write in the note section of the check (lower left corner) “Prometheus summer courses” as proof of payment.

2) You can do an electronic transfer from checking to checking account for $2,700, a service which is free on both ends. However, if your bank has an upper limit on the amounts that can be transferred daily you may have to make the payment in two different days. The information you will need to do the transfer is: Email:, Account No: 770921992, Routing No: 021000021.

3)You can do a wire transfer by using the above account information numbers. In this case the check has to be for $2,715 (to cover the $15 bank fee). The latter fee is in addition to the one your own bank will charge you.

4) Use the PayPal link at the bottom of this page. The payment amount will be $2,778. The extra charge ($78) is to cover the PayPal fee.


1) International wire transfer for $2,715 (to cover the $15 bank fee). Note: your own bank will also charge you a fee. The information you will need to do an international wire transfer is: Swift Code No: chasus33, and Account No: 770921992.

2) Use the PayPal link at the bottom of the page to make a payment for $2,805. The extra fee of $105 is to cover the cost of using PayPal.

The above statements apply to registrations for one course. For those interested in two courses, please take into account the discounted tuition of $4,860 and add the aforementioned fees (if applicable).

Important note: We kindly ask you to send us an email ( informing us of the date, method you chose to make a payment, and whether the payment bears the student's name or the name of someone else.

Name of Student *
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Terms and Conditions *
Each participant acknowledges that Unbound Prometheus shall not be responsible for making any travel accommodations to and from Greece. Each participant assumes complete and full responsibility for arranging all travel to and from Greece, including but not limited to airline tickets and travel costs. Participants may purchase travel insurance at their own expense. Unbound Prometheus will arrange for the transportation of participants when it comes to its own excursions, hotel accommodations, and meals. Participants acknowledge and agree that each provider is an independent contractor who is not and shall not be deemed as an agent of Unbound Prometheus. Unbound Prometheus shall not be liable or responsible for any negligence, loss, damage, injury or any other claim whatsoever, including any property damage that may arise out of any act or omission of any such provider or during any other activity. Participants shall be exclusively responsible for their own spending money, activities and transportation during free time. Unbound Prometheus shall not be held liable or responsible for any negligence, loss, damage, injury or any other claim whatsoever pertinent to the participant's travel excursions during free time. Unbound Prometheus shall only be responsible for issues that may arise due to its own gross negligence. Minimum registration per course is three students. If this figure is not reached Unbound Prometheus reserves the right to cancel the course. In such an event it will offer the students who registered for it the option to take another course in any of its programs. Tuition is not refundable.
Please tell us how you learned about the program (please be very specific). This information is very important to us for improving the way we disseminate information.*