For the first time in 2019 Unbound Prometheus was in a position to offer scholarships in the form of partial tuition remission. We offered them to citizens and residents of Greece driven by a desire to help students from the host country in light of the severe crisis that stills plagues its economy. The reception of this gesture was so positive that led us to extend the range of our scholarship program. Our new policy defines tuition rates by taking into account the per capita income of a student’s country of origin and specifies rates based on the following two categories.


We have kept our tuition rates the same for students who come from the top 13 wealthiest countries or territories in the world: Qatar, Macao, Luxembourg, Singapore, Brunei, Ireland, Norway, UAE, Kuwait, Switzerland, Hong Kong, San Marino, and USA.


Students coming from every other country of the world, proof provided, will be eligible to receive partial tuition remission the extent of which will take into account a country’s per capita income; the more extensive is the deviation of the said country’s income from the aforementioned “club” of wealthiest countries, the more drastic (up to a point) will be the extent of the offered scholarship. In light of the extensive list of countries involved, we advise interested parties to contact us ( in order to get specific tuition quotes.


For seminars referring to the same bundle and program, we offer a 20% discount when someone registers for two seminars and a 25% discount when someone registers in three seminars.

For seminars referring to different bundles and programs, we offer a 10% discount for those taking two seminars and a 20% discount for those taking three seminars.


The cost of an accompanying friend or relative who is not registered for a seminar is $618. Payments for the student and accompanying adult(s) in all programs have to be done simultaneously.

The tuition covers

  • Attendance of the lectures.

  • Hotel accommodation for 7 nights with all breakfasts included. Rooms are of double occupancy, including for the accompanying guests. Please bear in mind that, in the case of late registrations, we may have to use triple occupancy rooms.

  • Free transportation during the two planned excursions of each program as well as the dinner during Cretan night (see Scheduled Excursions page). Unbound Prometheus does not serve alcohol in any of its planned activities due to age restrictions which vary with young students coming from a wide array of countries. However, individual participants of a legal drinking age are obviously free to order alcohol with their meals at their own expense.

  • Logistical support provided by the staff of the program. 

  • Access to the Academic Director of the program as well as the faculty who can provide informal advise for academic applications, particularly useful to high school students. Students who take a course for credits and achieve a grade of A or A- will also be entitled to ask for a letter of recommendation which can be used, among others, for college or transfer applications.

The tuition does not cover:

  • Airfare to and from Crete. 

  • Travel insurance.

  • Transportation cost to and from the airport.

  • The cost of leisure activities other than the planned excursions. 

  • Meals beyond those specified above.

  • The cost of the reading materials that may be assigned by the instructors (purchase, when necessary, is optional unless seminar is taken for credit).

  • A daily city tax that was imposed recently on hotels amounting to a trivial sum.


payment methods


• Please email us ( requesting to provide you with a physical address to which you can send a check. Please write in the note section of the check (lower left corner) “Prometheus summer courses” as proof of payment.

• You can do an electronic transfer from checking to checking account. Please bear in mind that if your bank has an upper limit on the amounts that can be transferred daily you may have to make the payment in two different days. The information you need for the transfer will be provided upon request.

• You can also do a wire transfer by using the account information we will provide.


Those who send funds from countries other than the US should email us at to get instructions about payment methods.

Banking fee: All methods of payment, domestic or international, have to include an extra $15 to cover our bank’s fee. This fee is waived in the case of electronic or wire transfers when the incoming payment comes from a Chase Bank account. It is also waived when one chooses to pay by check.

Important note: We kindly ask you to send us an email informing us of the date, method you chose to make a payment, and whether the payment bears the student's name or the name of someone else.


Our registration deadline has been extended due to the fact the hotel we use is still not fully booked. Since the latter can take place at any time until the beginning of our programs, we advise interested parties to register as soon as possible.


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Each participant acknowledges that Unbound Prometheus shall not be responsible for making any travel accommodations to and from Greece. Each participant assumes complete and full responsibility for arranging all travel to and from Greece, including but not limited to airline tickets and travel costs. Participants may purchase travel insurance at their own expense. Unbound Prometheus will arrange for the transportation of participants when it comes to its own excursions, hotel accommodations, and meals. Participants acknowledge and agree that each provider is an independent contractor who is not and shall not be deemed as an agent of Unbound Prometheus. Unbound Prometheus, its faculty, or the institutions its faculty is affiliated with shall not be liable or responsible for any negligence, loss, damage, injury or any other claim whatsoever, including any property damage that may arise out of any act or omission of any such provider or during any other activity. Participants shall be exclusively responsible for their own spending money, activities and transportation during free time. Unbound Prometheus, its faculty, or the institutions its faculty is affiliated with shall not be held liable or responsible for any negligence, loss, damage, injury or any other claim whatsoever pertinent to the participant's travel excursions during free time. Unbound Prometheus shall only be responsible for issues that may arise due to its own gross negligence. There is a minimum registration requirement which differs per seminar and is determined at the sole discretion of Unbound Prometheus. If the figure that renders a seminar financially viable is not reached Unbound Prometheus reserves the right to cancel the seminar. In such an event it will offer the student who registered for it the option to take another seminar in any of its programs. Tuition is not refundable.
Please tell us how you learned about the program (please be very specific). This information is very important to us for improving the way we disseminate information.*